I have a playground!
It’s nothing that wasn’t already here laying scattered about, now it’s contained in one place. Hopefully it is out of the way enough that I wont have to move things anytime soon.
Having all my toys together in one place makes it easier and more likely that I will work on things. That I will remember what things I should work on even
I have a little teeter totter, a bridge, the roping dummy, the basket ball hoop, posts that I can arrange in any way to play with, right now they are in an L shape, a mounting block, and a place to put the camera!
The tubs also work as storage so I can keep our rubber chicken for playing fetch, the tarp, a target, a ball for basket ball, all sorts of things out there and they wont blow away.
I sped this video up a little so I could leave it all in. Otherwise the video got a bit long.
This was Rusty’s first go at it I let him wander a bit and choose what he wanted to look at.


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