Words Of Encouragement

I don’t talk  to my dad very often. Not because I don’t love him, I do! He’s a great dad. Neither of us are much at the phone thing though.

We had one of our rare conversations the other day. I said how much I had appreciated that he took me out with him to work on vehicles with him when I was younger. I liked knowing how to change my own oil and check fluid levels, it’s good to have some vague idea what’s going on under there even if I don’t apply that knowledge regularly.

Then he told me something that I guess I knew but  that the actual hearing of meant so much to me. Now I think about it every time life gets hard or I need to do something I’m not sure of.

He said that he had loved taking me out to work with him. That he had wanted me to be capable and confident, an able woman who could take care of herself and do whatever needed done. Now look at me, it had worked. He was proud of me for being able to do what needed done and not dependent on someone else to do everything for me. Not just working on cars, but in  all aspects of life.

I nearly cried.

Now every time I am faced with something I don’t know how to do, times when I don’t know what comes next or how to go about it, times when I don’t think I can do it and am tempted to wait and ask someone to do it for me or just give up, I remember that my dad is proud of me, that he thinks I can do it, and I dig in and do everything I can to get it done.

Be that encouragement in peoples lives. Tell them when you are proud of them, offer support and encouragement. You could make the difference between success and failure for them.


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