After The School Show

My daughter brought a book home with her from school this week. One of those books kids make in school, folded paper stapled together. I was wondering what class project this was now as I picked it up to look at it. Only to see that it was addressed to me!

The class had drawn pictures of the horses and I and written little stories about what they had liked! How incredibly sweet! The teacher had included a thank you card, along with the thank yous from the children.

As if I needed a thank you! Now I need to figure out if it’s proper to send a thank you for a thank you?

It was fascinating to see the things that made an impression on them. Some of the boys mostly noticed thee pickup and trailer judging by their pictures. Painting was popular and one picture had a blue and a yellow child so they must have liked Harvey and his colors. One girl, the daughter of a friend of mine, noticed every single tiny detail down to the playground off behind the school They were standing with their backs to it. What a memory!

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