I have been on a pedestal kick lately. I look for new options everywhere and have been obsessed with working on the ones that I have.

The other day we were in town and I happened to look over at the city campground. Not sure city is the proper word there

They had cut down a big tree and it was laying in a heap of chunks there in the middle. Big, wide pieces, Perfect for a pedestal!

I begged my husband to call his friend who works at the city and ask if I could have some. Being the sweet loving husband he is, and it was mothers day he called. I could go choose whatever I wanted and mark them with my name. When they were out loading them with the tractor they’d let me know, I could come and they’d load my pieces for me.

I did but couldn’t wait for them and the tractor. They pieces weren’t THAT heavy, surely we could load them ourselves.

After sufficient bugging we did just that.

Now to find time to play with them We got a few minutes in last night. Rusty hates them. Hieldorf if fine with them. No one can concentrate because all they want is GRASS!

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