Lady, Giving Lessons

Lady got ignored a bit yesterday, we were busy doing things that didn’t involve horses. Not sure why that sort of thing ever has to happen 😱
Today we brought her out for the daily tapping session that it has been decided is going to be on the schedule Lady’s person even decided that her little brother needed a lesson on how to tap.
Then a good long time spent hand grazing and getting used to things like hanging out in our yard.
Then when it was time to put her back there was another lesson on how to take a halter off. Something that confounds both children. 😆 I don’t remember it being this hard but it gives them something to work on and Lady was amazingly patient with the whole thing for a long time.
Once she has had time to settle in better we’ll work more towards riding. For now I’m loving watching them play with Lady and seeing how well she is taking these crazed small creatures. Everyone is learning lots while we hang out and get to know each other.

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