Halloween Horrors

It’s almost Halloween 🎃
There are so many scary stories involving horse training, I thought it would be fun to share some of them. Like horsey Halloween ghost stories.
👻 Welcome to Halloween Horrors! 👻
Horse trainers are particular group. Only a select few allowed to join. Those who are chosen must pass through trials and tribulations to come out on the other side changed forever with a secret knowledge that no others can posses and a coveted membership in the horse trainers coven.
The rest of us must stand in awe of them. Always on the outside looking in. We must beg for what little wisdom they will bestow upon us and rely on them to make our horses do what they say, and hopefully a little of what we say.
If only there was a way to posses their great abilities.
There is rumor of a way.
A potion that can be given to a horse to allow us to communicate. Given every time we work with a horse it allows us to speak their language and communicate our wishes. The more of the potion we offer the more communication the horse will offer.
This potion is a deep dark secret though. If you are found out the coven will pounce, angry at this breach of their power.
If the secret is held carefully you will posses the power to train and work with your horse yourself.
In order to find the potion you must set out on a journey to find a lonely +R practitioner and ask for the recipe. She will share happily, grateful for the company and the interest in her solus art.
Then you too can delve into magic.
Yes, it is important to work with a trainer. Trainers are not evil, not most of them. No they are not necessary for every bit of horse training. Knowledge is though. More knowledge and skill should always be sought when working with horses.

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