Wrong Horse

Apparently I’ve been figuring  this horse thing wrong. I’ve been trying to find horses for everyone. Lady is a perfect match for a delicate little girl. The delicate little girl has been wanting to ride my big sturdy  gelding though. He brother usually ends up with delicate high strung Harvey who he’s very happy with but will not be able to ride for many many years on his own.

So we put the tiny girl on the big horse. The sturdy boy on the delicate mare.

Not saying it will stay this way, I’m done trying to assign horse to child. They can switch and share and play musical horses.

He is over energetic though and fears nothing, zipping along on  speedy little Lady is right up his alley. Hesitant and more timid my bigger, fast walking but slower moving gelding calms and reassures her. He brings out her bravery and I trust him not to be bothered by what that bravery brings on. Watching him scramble on and off of a  mare just his size is as fun as the scrambling must be. She waits patiently while he takes a break from riding to run across the hay bales.

Hopefully the weather holds and we can do this again soon.

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