Driving Horse

We got snow a couple of weeks ago. Lots of snow. Enough snow that I decided it was time to get the harness out and work on driving again.
Apparently this is a winter time activity. There was not a drop of desire to drive all summer. Snow and I can’t stand not to be driving.
We have a routine as I try to help Rusty figure out what I’m asking. We walk down to the end of the driveway where Rusty gets rewarded for making it that far by sharing the feed for the cattle if there’s snow or grazing if there’s grass. Then back.
At first I lead him large parts of the way out. Going home he knows where we’re going and happily leads the way. Now he understands what I mean when I ask him to walk up and is getting pretty good at the whole thing.
Because I don’t have anything to pull with my pseudo driving horse we’ve hitched up to the kids well worn wagon and are driving that around. For the first time today we had a passenger.
He sat back their happily eating Halloween candy while ordering me to stop and go as he desired. Maybe before too long I’ll be able to sit in the wagon and drive…

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