More Colors

We’ve gotten to work a couple of times on our colors. Rusty is good but not great at choosing the right color when asked. He is getting very good at matching his colors though!

I had a blue tub and a blue ball. I had been trying to get a yellow ball and I had yellow spray paint. A yellow ball was hard to find though. My husband called from the store and said they had a red ball? I remembered a red tub sitting out in the yard and said to grab it!

We haven’t worked on red at all but the point isn’t to know the color. The point is to match pairs of the same. We could always try it and see what happened!

This is our first go with two colors. Our second or third time of trying to match the colors at all. I think he’s getting the idea!
Of course I didn’t have a camera going for most of it. I thought about grabbing one then decided that we didn’t need to record EVERY¬† time we worked. So Harvey came over to see what was going on and started dropping a ball in a tub too! He’s never managed that before, and we have tried. A long time ago.
Goes to show the power of observation and of giving things more time. Sometimes things just need more time.

Next time I’ll try to get video of Harvey too.


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