Roping Cows

Ghost is as much fun as the horses for sure. sometimes more fun.

We’ve been working on roping. Someone said they’d be impressed by Rusty’s roping when he was roping an actual cow.

I took that as inspiration and a goal. The first step was to teach Ghost to be roped. Turns out that’s a fun game in itself.

So we have a special roping cow….

Just in time for Christmas!

Need something for that special roper in your life who has everything, except talent?

If they can’t rope the animal get them the animal that ropes itself. A rare and unique gift to boost their ego or get the job done faster.

A self roping cow. Simply present the loop and get the job done all while letting them think they finally learned to rope.

For a limited time only, while supplies last. Don’t miss out.


(no, she is not actually for sale!)

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