Spanish Walk

We do Spanish walk around here.
It isn’t exactly on purpose. Maybe the first time. After that we just fell into it.
Harvey has always wanted to do these huge exaggerated paws. It was hard forcing myself to wait until he had good manners to begin encouraging the bad ones 😆
Heildorf was out working with me and Harvey or Rusty, One of the horses. He’s very smart. He watched them get rewarded for it and decided to try it out himself! You could say he’s self taught.
Because it’s something we do all the time I sometimes forget that we should work on it.
We do it, but without skill or grace. Harvey falls out with his hind end. Is is strung out and uncoordinated. Heildorf has never actually been trained to step big. He just offers it occasionally hoping for a treat.
We need to get our act together and make this thing pretty!!

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