For The Academy, Lady Target Training

It’s fun to share exciting videos of our horses doing great things.
That doesn’t mean we don’t all spend lots of time doing the basics.
Lady is my children’s horse. Although Rusty is quickly becoming that as well 😏 She’s older, she’s great the way she is, she never gets any ‘training’. I just throw kids on her and we go.
I thought it would be fun if the kids could get in on the tricks, so here Lady is starting on targeting. This is about the middle of the session. Right as she went from spending minutes searching me for treats and staring around to really getting the idea and going for the target!
I switched to holding the treat in my hand so it was there ti giver immediately after the click. That seemed to help her put the two together. If I had spent any time loading the clicker or working on treat manners instead of starting in the middle she probably would have understood better without that to speed things along.

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