Oh Deer

This picture doesn’t look like much. It was a big problem though.

The grass is getting green. This is as green as things are going to get around here. It’s bone dry. The grass wont last long. While it is here there is no point in even trying to work out of the corrals where the horses can hear the sirens call and can’t even begin to focus.

Working with Rusty and Heildorf yesterday they stared high headed and intent off towards these trees.

Because I listen to my horses I asked what they saw over there? They couldn’t tell me, but they could tell me that there was SOMETHING over there. So I went to look. We have huge herds of deer that feed on our corn, wheat, hay ground, and pastures. Don’t let anyone convince you that wildlife and agriculture somehow don’t coexist. It’s no uncommon to count fifty head along our driveway coming home in the evening.

Today they were all here in among the buildings grazing happily in this tree row.

It was more than the horses could handle.

Once I realized what was there I tried to get a picture to show all of them. They were leaving as I got closer, they were smaller then the fence I had to try to get a picture through, and they blend in well with the brush.

You can’t see any deer in the picture. Trust me. I looked really close.

This is the reason I couldn’t get anything accomplished with my horses yesterday. Even if it doesn’t look like anything more than a picture of a fence and some trees.

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