For those of you who don’t know, I love fall and Halloween!

The only thing better than fallen leaves and pumpkins is fallen leaves and pumpkins with horses involved somehow.

This year I’m on a mission to make wings for my horses. Still working on the exact how, but I think there will be pool noodles involved. I thought I’d bring you guys along on my journey, Share my failures, of which I already have plenty to hare! And hopefully eventually my successes and cool Halloween pictures.

This is a crazy silly and potentially dangerous endeavor. Whenever we are attaching anything to our horses it has to be done with utmost care and all precautions taken. Even more so when it is something big and floppy like wings. This sort of thing can easily scare the best of horses. All the training we put into tricks or starting a horse undersaddle, introducing it gradually, in small steps and pieces, and lots of reward to associate the new thing with good should be used.

I thought I had the design figured out. A pool noodle on each side attached to my driving surcingle. Drape some lightweight cloth over them and there it was!

The trial runs worked great. I ordered more, bigger cloth. Put it all together.

Total failure. The noodles were not strong enough to hold even one draping of the cloth. It all hung. The horses tried to eat it.

Back to the drawing board.

I would also like to point out how completely unconcerned my trick trained horses were about this. Mostly they thought they should eat it or fetch it for me. Even the bag the cloth came in 😆

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