Halloween Wings

Second try on the wings.
I could have put something down the middle of the pool noodles. Still might. In the mean time though I had something else I wanted to try.
Foam paper is an amazing costume building tool. It can be cut and formed into any shape then sprayed with rubber stuff or painted with a craft glue then painted. The coating is very important or the paint will eat the foam.
I cut ‘feathers’ out of the foam paper. As a solid strip the foam paper does a pretty good job adding support to the pool noodle. It also holds the angle in the middle of the wing.
The design isn’t perfect yet. It’s also no where near done. I still need to coat the ‘feather’ part and figure out a better way to attach them to the surcingle. And maybe make the second wing while I’m at it ;)So far this is working better than the first design though.

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