Just Different

I had to call the repair shop about my trusty green mount the other day. Also known as the fourwheeler I usually drive. It is a good and faithful mount. The noises it had started making were not good. I wanted to get it looked at.

It became apparent that if it was going to be done I was going to have to be the one to do it. Girding my loins, I made the call.

They had all sorts of horrible questions they thought I should know the answer to, like, what kind is it? How am I supposed to know that! I know how to drive it. I know how to make it work cattle nicely. Knowing the breed is not my area. It is a Honda for future reference.

I felt like an idiot.

Yesterday I got to go riding with my best friend. Between children and the work we usually need to be doing we never get to ride. It was great.

I rode her horse, a big, steady, wonderful boy. He is usually ridden by her husband for ranch work, or her child because he is so trustworthy, back to that part where she seldom gets to ride because of children and what not. As a ranch horse he is great. He can do all sorts of things and is far better trained than my horses. In his area of expertise.

I put a leg on him to ask him to scoot over. He had no idea what I was talking about.

I could look at his lack of knowledge in that one area and assume he isn’t well trained. Like the mechanic at the repair place thought about me when I didn’t know the breed of fourwheeler. It is easy for us to form ideas about people and animals based on their knowledge of an area we know about. To think they are stupid or ignorant, judging them in one thing.

We all have our separate areas that we know about and are good at. We all have areas we know nothing about or are terrible at. This is a good thing. It wouldn’t do the world any good if all people were skilled in one area.

Appreciating everyone and everything’s unique skills and knowledge. Realize that they know way more than us about something. It will give us a whole new view of the world.


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