Right or Left Brain?, horsewhorls

This horse has a high center whorl. That shows an extrovert. Extroverts are very invested in the external world, everything going on around them. They want to go, to be moving all the time. Intelligent, emotional, and sensitive they will be as brave as they can be and eager to please with a sensitive supportive rider or a nervous wreck with a harsh rider who doesn’t give the support they need.

What it doesn’t tell us is if he will be a right  brain or left brain extrovert. The two can be almost completely opposite. That is where we get into trouble if we only look at the whorl. It is so important to take the entire head into consideration.

From the front we see eyes an average width apart, not much info there. The ears are wide but shapely, sensible, willing, not overly sensitive but not dull either.

The side view gives us a mostly straight profile, steady, maybe a bit convex? That adds physical toughness. Not that they will be tough to work with but that they can stand up to hard work and their bodies can take it. The muzzle appears to be rounded, that shows some strong ideas of his own about how things should go. His eye is curious and interested in what’s going on around him. That whole invested in the external word thing. But without being overwhelmed by it.

I would say he tends more to the left brain extrovert side of things. Alert and aware but not worried about what is going on around him. More curious and friendly.



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