Rusty, Finally Feeling Good

It’s been a while since Rusty really felt good. He’s been sound and he’s been happy to play. He’s been standing at the gate having fits because I’m playing with cows or Heildorf.

Today when I brought him in he let me know he was bored with what I thought we would work on. Instead he was feeling energetic, fierce, and ferocious. As we started playing with some ground work he picked himself up into some extreme roundness. Ears flat back he was breathing hard in my ear doing nothing but walking. I asked for some trot, not something he offers regularly, when his feet hurt. He trotted when asked then kept offering a trot as we played.

This horse is amazing when everything is right. Hopefully we can keep everything right and start to build some muscle.

It’s hard to believe that this fierce boy is the same quiet pony that I happily trust my children on. He knows who he’s with and how to behave for all of us.


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