Braiding Manes

I was going to get out there in the afternoon. I had an hour. If I hurried I could finish what I was working on and go play with Sunshine.
Then I got caught. Other things needed done.
No problem. Once the kids got home we could go out and brush on him. Then the kids got home and each had things they really wanted to do. We finished those and finally made it out to play.
Only the kids were home. That meant they were bouncing around, screaming, and playing happily. They don’t do quiet. Sunshine hasn’t been around them enough to deal well with that.
He went in circles around me. Nervous and unable to hold still. So much for quiet time spent hanging out and brushing.
So the children went off to do whatever children do. It didn’t matter to me that what children do is get the big tub of sherbet out of the freezer and sit down on the step to engorge themselves.
I had a few quiet moments to play with the new pony.
We are slowly braiding his glorious mane. Both to keep the tangles out of it and to spend quiet time with him, no expectations, other than to hold still. I got a couple more braids in. He made a few circles around me. But there was some holding still.
Then I opened up a little pen with some grass for him to graze. It was not as much time as I would have liked to spend, but any horse time is good horse time.

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