Riding Lesson

We got to enjoy a wonderful riding lesson yesterday. We are lucky to have a very good instructor who specializes in working with children who is close enough to be willing to come up. And to have some wonderful neighbors who are happy to let the local children use their very nice arena.
Combine the two and we had some great riding lessons for the kids!
They worked on real things, played at fun things, and she put up with their silliness and playing. The most important thing to me, second only to no one getting hurt, they had fun! If they have fun they’ll want to do it again. If they want to do it again, they’ll get better.
Focusing on the serious stuff and making everyone pay attention and work hard wont accomplish a whole lot if no one wants to do it again.
The horses behaved beautifully.
My son cantered for the first time on his own. Not really on purpose but he and his great little mare took it very well. He and one of the other girls there spent as much time as they could zipping around as fast as they could.
My daughter and Rusty don’t really like to move. She rode him on her own, without being lead for longer than she ever has and had fun showing off her tricks to her friend there. She declined when asked to trot and honestly, that is just fine with me. She’ll get there when she’s ready. Her confidence and deisre to be with the horses is growing by leaps and bounds this year. Better to go slow and keep it growing then do anything to ruin it at this point. Hopefully we can do this again soon.
If by any chance you are close to me, come play next time!

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