Cows, And A Few Horses

It’s been busy with cows lately. Getting them moved and sorted and general stuff done getting ready to ship calves and start calving. Unfortunately the work has been mostly done on foot or fourwheeler.

Rusty came up foot sore after the cold spell in early January. I didn’t work with him while it was cold, because it was cold! Then with his feet hurting again he continued to be out of work. The farrier came and put some shoes on him. Hopefully the shoes will help keep him from stretching those toes out and prevent further damage. Rusty has found yet another way to be difficult by enjoying bouts of winter laminates. That means he founders in a dry lot, on grass hay, in the middle of winter 🙄

It’s been awhile since he;s done this and his feet were getting to be in really good shape. So of course he had to go and ruin that.

Sunshine has been getting big and pretty. Starting to look like a grown up, so I’ve been spending the time with him instead. Working on getting him ready to ride, maybe this summer.

I got the best Christmas gift and have been meaning to say something about it ever since. Just haven’t quite gotten to it.

A dear friend of mine in CA sent me two framed photos. One of Harvey, who we lost a year ago, and one of me and Ghost with our Guinness World Record plaque. The frames were beautiful, hand made, and thoughtful. As much as I loved them, they still couldn’t hold a candle to the note she sent with them. That meant more to me than anything else could. There are so many truly great people out there. Social media gets it’s fair share of rightfully deserved complaints. It can also do a world of good. It’s all in how you use it. I love getting to know wonderful people, people I will only ever meet online. Does that somehow lessen out relationships? I don’t believe it in any way does. Without all this ‘evil’ social media I would never get to know people like her and I am grateful.

That note was one of the best Christmas presents I’ve ever gotten.

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