There Are No Bad Whorls

“Hate to be a Debbie Downer, but I had an experience where someone walked away from an amazing horse because of the whorls.” And because of that one experience she is sure whorls don’t ‘work’ to tell us anything about horses. I think all of us have run into one of these people.
Are they wrong?
Not necessarily. But that doesn’t mean they are right either.
Lots of people look at whorls and come up with conclusions I would disagree with completely. There are old superstitions calling some whorls bad luck, others death wishes, and of course all double whorls are awful. If people are going by those superstitions and pass up a horse because of them then, yes, the whorls aren’t telling anything and are very much causing them to miss out on some very possibly great horses.
On the other hand, if you say that to me and tell me that I am doing horses a disservice by studying whorls, then obviously you don’t know me at all.
There are no bad whorls, just different temperaments that need different treatment. That is my motto that I spend an amazing amount of time repeating. If we actually study whorls we know that double whorl horses are wonderful, for the people who love them. Single whorls are uncomplicated and easier to deal with, sometimes. That people have a type and do best with that type, except when they don’t. Whorls are so much more complicated than a simple good or bad.
Before dismissing the study of whorls based on one person giving poor opinions about them, or a lack of knowledge of the science supporting them, take the time to see what is actually going on with them. Come on over to the whorl side and give it a try. 

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