If You’re Going To Be Weird…

I hear Morgan people complaining a lot about how quarter horse judges wont even look at them in open shows. It’s all because they aren’t riding the right breed!

I’ve also watched a lot of Morgan people trying to show horses with very subpar training¬† against the Quarter Horses.

Let me tell you, it’s not the breed.

I understand, the horse feels great, to you. There are also a lot of Quarter Horses out there showing with very subpar training. The difference is that we are riding Morgans. We are weird. If you’re going to be weird, you have to be good. People will probably see a few thousand Quarter Horses in their lifetime. If they see a few, or a lot, that aren’t doing a good job they’ll think back to the ones they’ve seen that did do good and dismiss the poor quality ones as a fluke.

People may see one or two Morgans in their lifetime, showing in the western divisions outside of breed shows that is. If that one is bad, they will count all Morgans as not being any good!

We are weird. It isn’t a bad thing. Our breed is wonderful. We need to step up and show the world how wonderful they are, instead of complaining about breed bias.

I’ve seen people out there madly galloping young horses in a circle, head cranked around to the center, outside shoulder heading off into the distance. This isn’t the sort of training that is going to accomplish anything in the show ring. Even if it is a first canter, if that’s how it goes,¬† maybe the horse wasn’t ready to canter. If you lack the proper facilities to help your horse work well, go slower. Get that foundation better to you can build good form instead of teaching bad habits.

I see people working cows on a tight rein with the horse’s nose in the air, head cranked around with over enthusiastic and ineffective neck reining. That might get the job done, eventually, if you are out trying to move cattle. I’ve seen a lot of ranch horses who ride that way and spend their lives working cattle. But it isn’t going to get the job done smoothly or effectively and it sure isn’t going to get any points in the show ring.

It isn’t the judges.It’s the horse, the rider, and the training.

I have a shelf full of buckles and awards won in cow horse classes on not only a Morgan, but a gaited Morgan. She showed how very possible it is. We didn’t show hugely, but we did beat all the very good local Quarter Horses.

Go get some lesson, in person, watching videos, whatever is possible for you. Take every opportunity to learn more. Lessons are a wonderful thing. Everyone needs lessons. No matter how good you are, you need lessons. Olympic level riders take lessons. There is always room to improve. If we’re going to be weird, we have to be good. Quit hiding behind it being a breed thing and go get better! That isn’t a bad thing, it sure isn’t an insult. Taking responsibility is freeing. It gives you the opportunity to fix the problem, instead of it being out of your hands because it’s someone else’s fault.

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