The Five Minute Lesson

Life has been crazy lately. The weathers been warm, cattle have needed worked, children have been sick, other than with Tanna last weekend, I haven’t had time for extensive lessons. But I try to run out almost everyday for a quick play time or a walk.

I brush and give everyone cookies, work on a basic or two and a little something extra I’ve been trying to teach Rusty, then sit on him while he gets a good scratching. OK, maybe it takes a little longer than five minutes but he picks everything up and doesn’t get bored or soured.

Or we go for a walk around the yard. Last time it was down a scary lane with cows on both sides, creaky tin and pheasants. He checked everything out carefully but didn’t spook. We worked on voice commands, leading at walk and trot while respecting my space and whoa. I think he enjoys getting out and about.

The little something extra? It’s a surprise! When I see if it works, or not, I’ll tell but until then…..

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