A Fanny Pack!

I will never forget the look of horror on my poor husbands face when, in Walmart one day, I told him I wanted to look for a fanny pack. Even once I explained that I wasn’t trying to make a fashion statement, in fact I promised never to wear it out in public, but that I wanted it to carry treats in. Spring is well on its way and summer is coming. My sweatshirts pouch works perfectly but already some days have been warm enough to make it uncomfortable. I’m not wearing it when it’s one hundred degrees out this summer, I don’t care how handy it is.

It was still more than he could handle so he decided we would look for a real official treat carrying bag. Apparently there are such thing. So we looked and found just the right one, in purple even. Of course I can’t find the exact one now but this is close. Only in purple of course.

511ri2NtgVL._SX425_I love it! There are a few draw backs. I am constantly hooking reins, lead ropes, saddles, any random thing it seems on it. But other than that it is very handy and so much more stylish than a fanny pack.

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