So Ready To Ride

20160425_150747If someone had been home today, or maybe even if my husband had answered my text*, I so would have gotten on him today. It just felt good, he felt right. He was listening despite the grass in the round pen, he was quiet and responsive and stood nicely for the saddle. He let me stand in each stirrup and lean over to pet him, enjoyed using the clicker along with that. And sat on him against the fence with the saddle on for the first time, needed to get that done. As always he was fine with it. But my husband would kill me for getting on here alone even if the horse didn’t. I’m not completely stupid, so even though I doubt he will offer to buck I will wait. And you can never be too prepared.

This weekend Tanna came out again. She helped me finish trimming his front feet, still haven’t gotten those back 20160423_151550feet. Then she played with him with me. And we went for a nice little ride. She rode Princess Onna, bareback in a halter. I think that’s how she rides most of the time, only in a snaffle. She said she had put a saddle on her horse, Jerry, that morning. I keep saying that we need to do this at her house and we never make it over. I want to see how she and Jerry are doing. Jerry was my horse, a nice little mare that I used to show in ranch horse stuff. She was pretty good and Tanna will be, it would be fun if they could learn to cut together. Of course that’s me speaking not her. I should let her decide what she wants to do with herself and her horse.


*We have a nice little safety in place where I’m doing things like this while home alone. I call/ text him tell him what and where I’m doing and when he should hear from me by. If I don’t let him know I’m done he calls. If he can’t reach me he will send out the search parties and/ or rush home. Fortunately that hasn’t happened. Yet.

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