Fly Spray

Went out today just to say hi and work on a couple simple things Rusty has down already. A just for fun lesson between rides. The flies were awful. They were driving the horses insane. I went back to the house and mixed up a bottle of fly spray to take out for them.

They had followed me to the gate but disappeared into the shed by the time I got back. I squirted Rusty on the neck a couple times then clicked him just before he started to walk off. He slammed on the brakes and turned for his cookie. Then they all bolted. They ran and spooked and bucked Coyote did his signature kick at me with both hind feet to let me know what he thinks. I followed them back up to the gate where Rusty came running up to me.

I sprayed him down. He stood, mostly, pretty good with nothing holding him and the others still milling. He got lots of cookies. My daughters horse, Princess Onna stood alright. Coyote was having none of it. As I worked on, or chased around trying to work on, the other two Rusty chased me around attempting to insert himself between me and the other horse. Not sure he was consciously asking for fly spray but he sure wanted the attention, and reward he knew would follow, that they were getting.

I loved it. The two older broke horses being difficult and spooky while the colt begged for it. What a good pony.

2 thoughts on “Fly Spray

  1. TElllingson

    amazing how well clicker training is working for you. I do have a question though. Will you at some point move away from feeding so many cookies? Only wonder because I use cookies for good behavior and now have a laminetic horse who should not have cookies. What then?

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