Fourth Ride

And first ride off a leash, first ride with another horse. He rocked it.

Still trouble with forward momentum. He was great following Coyote as long as Tanna kept a hold of the lead rope but as soon as we took it off and tried to get him to follow on his own he said “no”. I got a few good steps and would click him but mostly we went in circles. He was giving good to the bit, moving off of my legs and didn’t offer to do anything bad, just wasn’t big on going. Need to pony him more I guess and patience.

There was one time he took off going great on his own. Daisy was determined to keep us company. She got up to move out of his way once and Rusty was off after her 🙂 Head down, ears perked, he was on her trail. Twice he went good like that, He got cookies and that was the perfect spot to end the ride.

He is kind of like riding a limp noodle. With that beautiful long neck of his and his still scrawny little body he bends, twists and flops all over the place. Not entirely a bad thing.

Actually got some pictures this time. My daughter was along for the fun and I gave her my phone to keep her busy. After a quick lesson in how to work it…


She almost even got us on film once or twice. Then got tired of it. …


So Tanna took over. Here he walked forward a little, got clicked and rewarded. Gave a turn on the fore quarters then went after Daisy. He gets so excited about getting treats, he sticks his head in the air with his lips going a million miles an hour. I’m working on getting him to just turn his head to the side and reach for it.



That was the end of the ride with him going nicely. Back at the house we played a rousing game of ball.


Then everybody piled on Coyote for some lessons and a very brief ride. I forgot, was to lazy to go back to the house and get for such a short ride, her helmet. I am a bad mother, but she survived. Trusty old Coyote behaved himself nicely.



One thought on “Fourth Ride

  1. TElllingson

    enjoyed the videos. That G.C.! She is so cute, she was \’done now\’! And kicking the, ball what fun. Some day she will be a very good helper, just maybe not yet. I think you need a Go Pro, stick it on Tanna\’s hat or yours. Good luck with the forward momentum. Maybe you can do what your dad does and start checking out You tubes for ideas. I know you have done this before, no offense intended!

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