At It Again, With Rusty This Time!

20161102_102204I was sick of being a responsible adult. I was tired of scraping and painting windows, sick of doing laundry and washing dishes and a little sick of a certain small child who has given up sleeping lately thus leaving me too tired to work with Rusty even when I had time. I ran away from it all and went to play with Rusty. He came running when I called him and he got a good thorough brushing. We hadn’t had a real work out in weeks.

As I got situated he grabbed his rubber chicken out of the back of the pickup and asked to play. Who can turn down someone that cute?

I hadn’t even noticed that Daisy was there. Poor girl, I should have given her a cookie.

After his warm up we got to work on other stuff. Even without doing much of anything for so long he hadn’t forgotten. We’ve been doing quick short sessions. I bring him in for a couple of minutes and we do a few bows. I decided we shouldn’t spend all of our time bowing so I added another trick. Because I had so much time to play with him why not add more?

Trying to avoid his feet the new trick involves his mouth. If we get better I will get some video, until then I guess it’s a secrete 😉

He is getting so good at bowing! On his right side especially. He was so fun to play with and doing everything I asked, I couldn’t think of anything else to do. So I got on.

I’m supposed to wear my helmet and check in before and after when I’m going to get on him. They are very reasonable and necessary precautions. I didn’t do either. I only wanted to get on for a minute, they would take longer than my ride. It’s no excuse, I have small children depending on me. But we survived. Rusty was excellent, stopping on an exhale and turning off my legs both ways. Then I slid off and we were done.

It felt good to be back.

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