Leading From A Vehicle, The Next Level

Coyote and Rusty don’t get to graze the yard anymore. The cattle are coming home for winter and feed is being gathered. There are piles of ground hay and piles of DDG (dried distillers grain) that spilled when it was being augered into the grain bin. All kinds of things they shouldn’t get into. And Coyote found the open gate into the alfalfa field, he never forgets things like that. I tried turning him out by himself, hoping he would want to stay by the others. He immediately took off for the gate. I took off for a four wheeler and brought him back.

Rusty is a different story. I let him graze in our backyard when he is in to work and he gets a little more as a reward after and he’s not quite as smart as Coyote. It may be his youth, Coyote has had many years to perfect his rottenness. Instead of running for the gate Rusty meandered towards the other horses and hung out, very well behaved, until it was time to put him away.

I was getting out of the car with my lead rope handy as he came over to greet me when it occurred to me that the rope was probably superfluous. I sat back down and shut the door. He stuck his head in the window.

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