A Petite Preview of my Practically Perfect Pony Painting

I put 8 in his backpack, on my back of course, because he would not be put down and decided that since my hands were free I might as well work Rusty. We had just finished a nice little ride on good old Coyote and were generally enjoying a beautiful fall day. Coyote was grazing the drive around us when we brought Rusty in. He occasionally went to join Coyote but came back when called.

He has been offering a simple bow, begging for a treat. It’s better than pawing and maybe I can keep working on it and get him to offer each leg according to which leg I put forward. I can’t quite wrap my mind around the required steps for a Spanish walk. It is not as complicated as I make it in my head I’m sure and hopefully someday it will just click but for now it’s more than I can figure out. So we will work on easier things like learning to paint.


Of course when I’m not trying to film it goes smoother, and we will continue to work on perfecting his technique. He was picking the brush up and dropping it so I with held the click and after a few attempts he sat and thought about it. Then he picked up the brush and rubbed it all over the board. All by himself! He’s getting the hang of it fast. Smart little horse. Soon we will add paper and probably even paint but small steps.

We also have plenty of tries that look more like this:


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