It’s Been Forever

At first it wasn’t because I didn’t have anything to say, life was just too busy. I rode Rusty in his new bit. He did fine. We worked more on painting, he prefers painting me to painting on paper.

Then it was life being too busy and no time to work or write about it. Tanna came over and she and I branded our little herd of cattle. Girl Power! We let some guys come and help and got the big bunch of cattle worked and everything hauled to pasture. It’s good to have them out of the corrals. The mud is incredible with all the rain we’ve gotten lately.

Tanna graduated high school Salutatorian! Congratulations! She’s awesome, great with horses and cattle and kids and a wiz at math. We are really going to miss here when she heads of to college this fall, hopefully she’ll come back often to visit.

The garden is mostly planted. Way too many tomatoes, lots of peppers, the first planting of sweet corn, twenty different types of squash! Pumpkins are my favorite. We are making a sunflower house, on steroids, for the kids. A big spiral leading to the house its self, with the outer row in beans and tomatoes. Things that can form a tangible shield to protect the next rows of ornamental corn and sunflowers from being trampled by over enthusiastic children until they come up and can be seen.

I made the horses a little pasture where they can get out together and eat some of that grass they are craving so badly. The tree row is knee high and with a section of it fenced off they have been spending part of their days out there filling their manes with burdock. Yay.

Now I’ve gotten out of the habit of writing. Rusty is still hanging out in the pasture not doing anything but eating. Coyote is working and being grouchy, it’s what he does. And I am still not writing about it even when there is time. Hopefully this will get me started again.

But first I need to go finish planting the sunflower house! So here are some pictures of what we’ve been up to. No captions so take a guess as to what they are about, I have work to do.

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