A New Treat Bag!

I am so excited. I’ve been wanting a new treat pouch. The old one is very nice. It’s the right color and tries it’s hardest, but, it’s just not big enough. When we ride I cram it full of treats and then it can’t close anymore. We’re fine at a walk but if we trot or canter treats start flying everywhere. It’s a little awkward not to mention annoying.
I had been pondering whether or not they sold fanny packs at walmart when we stumbled upon a dog accessory stand at a local festival. All their packs were hand sown in their own personal sweat shop in their basement, according to them 😉 I really liked that they were locally (Rapid City) made by what was very literally a mom and pop company. They aren’t advertised as such but they are set up for clicker training with all the required compartments and a clip for the clicker. There were also packs for the dogs to carry and much larger and smaller fanny pack type options as well as every other type of carrier I could imagine and certainly can’t remember.
It is intended for riding but I couldn’t wait that long to try it out. After a quick customization it was ready to go and I wore it out to trim Harvey today. It goes plenty big enough to fit around me. The clips are sturdy but plastic and should break if I ever hang up on a saddle horn. The bag is big enough to fit plenty of treats and zips securely shut. It makes it a little less handy to get to treats but that’s the point. They wont escape as easily either. It worked nicely for ground work and I can’t wait for a chance to ride to try it out for real.
They have a facebook page https://www.facebook.com/SuttersMillPacksAndBags/ and a website http://suttersmill.us/


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