I love doing tricks with Rusty. It is our favorite thing to do together and has built an amazing foundation for us. One that we can go on and build upon to do anything else we could ever want.
When I first got Rusty, before I discovered what we we would actually end up doing, I wanted him to be a well rounded ranch horse who could do some reining and cutting.
We got a bit sidetracked.
Not a bad thing and it doesn’t mean in any way that we can’t go back and keep working on the original goal.
Only now work on that goal is going so much smoother and easier than ever before.
With very small moments of training I feel like we are accomplishing far more than I used to with hours of drilling. I ride him once or twice a week for a half hour at most. Rusty is happy to be doing the work and I am enjoying teaching him. We wont be making any big local shows, he’s feeling nice but we’re not ready for that, maybe we’ll give a virtual western dressage show a try. When we find time. 😏


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