Tanna And Harvey

Tanna came out to ride the other day. I took advantage of having her out to get Harvey ridden.
Poor Tanna, I made her ride in my daughters saddle. Tanna’s legs are so incredibly long that the stirrups don’t go long enough for her even on the longest setting. I also made her wear my helmet. I’m not one to insist on, or wear, helmets every time anyone is on a horse.
There are two rules though.
My kids have to wear helmets.
Helmets must be worn on young, green horses.
Harvey has been very good but has a long ways to go before I stop insisting on helmets when he gets ridden.
Tanna did a warm up from the ground asking Harvey for some Spanish walk to get him listening to her and ready to go. Once on she followed me and Rusty around the arena a little before setting off on their own.
Harvey was doing great so we went off through the yard. I didn’t tell Tanna he hadn’t been ridden out of the arena off of a lead before. Somethings are best not worried about
He followed happily along behind Rusty and even stopped following when asked. Tanna had him steering all over the place on his own.
On our way back Tanna asked what the cue for Spanish walk was from the saddle. I told her and she played with it until she was able to get it! He’s only done Spanish walk while ridden a couple of times and it is still very much in the training stage.
Switching riders can be hard for a horse and it was great to see how well Harvey took to Tanna. She’s a great rider with lots of patience and feel so it’s not surprising that they did well together. I just wish we got Tanna to play with more often!


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