Storm Warnings

The kids and I were helping with the 4H clean up day getting ready for fair. as the cleaning wound down we looked out to see dark clouds filling the sky. Last year they had gotten hail and sever storms. This year it had been rescheduled once already for predicted, and received, storms. It looked like the curse was going to strike again.
I checked the radar and it looked bad. If we hurried we might be able to make it home before the storm did. In the distance we got to watch the storm approach ass we raced it home. The sun setting lit the billowing clouds with yellow and pink shining through the greys. They hung tiered like an upside down wedding cake.
I’ve watched tornadoes blow in before. I knew what that meant.
If we hadn’t known the shrill warnings from the radio would have alerted us. Storm warnings from the next county over, large hail, winds up to seventy miles an hour, heavy rain, and, finally, tornado warnings. All of it headed our direction.
Once home I rushed to prepare the best I could. The greenhouse needed closed. Not that it would do much good if the storm hit us full strength.
The calves had been grained before we left. Not knowing how late we would be gone I thought they could eat whenever they wandered into the corrals then spend the night out in the trees on grass if they wanted. Now I wanted to lock them in the relative safety of the corrals, in shelter.
Standing at the fence I called, watching the trees for any sign of them appearing. Waiting patiently I happened to turn and look behind me.
There was Ghost sauntering happily up to me!
Soon the other three appeared behind her. Coming out of our yard where they had been exploring before they answered my call.
All the time I spent training them had paid off. Even with fresh grass and new things to explore, even after already having eaten their corn, they came running when called.
Fortunately for us the storm didn’t come.
After plowing through the county next to us is completely dissipated a few miles before it got to us. Even without the storm having loose calves come when called made life much easier. Good training is always a wise investment!

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