School Show, Prep

I talked to my daughters teacher the other day, asked her if I could bring a couple of horses in and do a show for the kids. You know, someday. She said yes! How about here before Thanksgiving.

Oh dear.

Suddenly my mind went blank. I couldn’t think of a single trick any of my horses could do. A some day sort of thing is one thing. Right now is another. I spent the weekend trying to remember what we could do. Then tried to put it together somehow.

This is a quick run through of what we came up with. Some ideas I had the horses said no to. Other things I hadn’t thought of they reminded me about. What we ended up with is a talk about how we teach school kind of like their teacher. Then a demo of the classes Rusty and Harvey help teach. I hope to include them in throwing the chicken and the ball and holding the balloons.

We’ll see if either horse feels like participating when we get there. They alternated between having it down and not having a clue what I was talking about during our few practices. With the new place, people, and distractions I’d say we have a fifty percent chance of doing anything but standing around spooking at things between chewing.

It’s this afternoon. Gulp. Wish us luck!


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