Talent Show

There was a message from the school saying that the first act of the talent show would be outside.

I didn’t dare to hope that there might be a horse involved. It’s a rural school, lots of kids have horses. It wouldn’t be too odd if some child had decided to bring a horse.

I pulled up to the parking lot and there was a stock trailer parked in the place I always take when I have a trailer on. It was looking good, odds were it was a horse! As I walked in there were parents standing outside the door to the auditorium holding a lovely little palomino paint pony. When I pulled my daughter away from her class to change clothes for the act she was a part of she told me that a friend from her class was going to do tricks with her pony! Her pony was way better than my horses and could rear! This I couldn’t wait to see.

We all gathered around outside the school and a tiny little blond girl lead the pony out. She was darling and smaller then the pony. She had no trouble holding onto him and despite some nervousness at the crowd he did exactly as she asked. Together they showed his well balanced and controlled rear then a beautiful bow. It was great seeing a small child having no problem asking this difficult tricks of her nicely behaved pony.

Of course after the presentation I went over and said hi. The mom had trained the pony and was happy to have such a wonderful little guy around for the kids. He knows more tricks and I can’t wait to get to see them! This poor family isn’t getting rid of me so easily.

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