Male And Female whorls

I spent the last week doing some very unscientific studying. As I helped teach a class at vacation bible school I looked over to notice a child with a forelock whorl!
Ok, some people would call it a cow lick above the forehead. In the same group was one with a double whorl. I whipped out my camera then remembered that they weren’t horses and it may be frowned upon to take whorl pictures.
After some thought I did it anyway.
That got me paying attention to all the whorls. As I made laps around the table helping them with our projects I took note of all the whorls around the table.
I have stared at the back of my husbands head and tried to decide if his whorl set to the right side of his head meant he was right or left brain. Since I believe he is a good combination of each I never could decide.
After looking at the children sitting at my table all week I realized I’ve been thinking about it wrong. Most of the boys had a whorl to their right. The girls were harder to tell, most of them had longer hair that made it hard to tell where the whorl was for sure. They seemed to mostly have whorls set to their left though.
As I talked to a mother afterwards who has horses and knows about my whorl interests I mentioned the forelock whorl. Her sons is set to his right. She said she has a forelock whorl too, interesting heredity there, but hers is set to her left!
The boy with double whorls also has at least one brother who also had double whorls. I need to look at the rest of his family and see how many others carry doubles.
How to go about that??? Horses are so much easier 🤣
On a related note, in dogs it has been found that the sex of the dog has great influence on the direction of some whorls.

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