Cow Horse

It’s been pretty busy around here. We’ve started calving. Rusty has been busy earning the title of working ranch horse. He and I have been checking cows, moving anything that needs moved and sorting pairs. He’s starting to figure out for real how this cow stuff works.

We pair clicking and treating with pressure and release, so I can cue him quickly and help make sure we are where we need to be to get the job done. But I can also let him know exactly what he’s doing right and should do again. With that he is quickly learning how to get down and cut a cow. That and his very cowy bloodlines so he does come by it naturally. Not show worthy cutting of course, but good working style.

Come join us here as we play with a yearling heifer.

It gets a little messy at times, he is still learning and the conditions aren’t the best, slick, with hills to work over, and at least one chunk of cement I clearly remember looking down at as we ran over it. Thinking that that could hurt. Most of all the rush of sitting on a horse who is working on their own back and forth with the calf is always amazing.

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