When we are looking at horses, to buy, to choose for a particular discipline, looking at the whorls first can save a lot of heartbreak in the long run.

There are no bad whorls!

But, there might be whorls that aren’t as well suited to certain pursuits. On the other hand there are some whorls that end up being good for the role the horse ends up playing in life purely by accident.

This lovely mare is a rescue. She is almost completely blind. The believe she can see a sliver out of the right eye and that is it. This nearly blind mare is going into training. How far the training goes will depend on how she does and how she feels about things but she’s almost ready for a first ride.

There are some horses who wouldn’t be able to begin a riding career without good eye sight. This mare’s head shape should work in her favor to help everyone down this chosen path.

Her forehead whorl is slightly high and slightly to our right. That shows a horse who will display slight right brain extrovert traits. Emotional, sensitive, reactive. How strongly those traits will show depends on the shape of the head and all her other features. A right brain extrovert can be scared of everything and reactive to the point of difficulty. Especially when handled roughly. On the other hand, they can be sweet and loving and put all those nerves towards wanting to please. It’s all in the extremes and how they are handled. The ’emotional’ can mean they love to the extreme. They want to be with you, they want to be loved.

Her whorl is paired with ears set wide at the base and wider at the tips. Those add stability, willingness, and intelligence.

From the side is where we start to see so much more to her character. She has a strongly dished profile, more sensitivity and emotion to go with the whorl, but below that she has a very impressive moose nose. The moose nose counters the sensitivity and adds boldness and confidence. Not that she wont be sensitive but it will be grounded. She will feel your every emotion and be brave enough to act on your every request. If you offer her right brain side support and comfort.

I hope to hear more about this lovely mare as her training progresses. She ended up having a perfect whorl for the job, purely by accident.


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