Broadening Bases

I said I was going to work on his manners in bridling.

I read a little about it in my clicker training book, by accident really it was where I happened to be inĀ  the book. I was all excited about working on bridling. It was silly really, but I got out there as soon as I had a chance and started reworking it.

He dropped his head easily enough, was happy to stand quietly next to me in position but turned away as soon as I got the bridle out. With a little work he was sticking his head into the headstall and nipping at the, at the chin strap unfortunately. It’s fun to stand and watch as he circles around me, lips at my sleeve and boots (a great article on teaching manners) and finally plunges his head into the bridle.

I plan to take the chin strap off my bridle and keep working. Wont it be fun to stand out in the pasture holding a bridle while my horse runs up to me and sticks his head into it?


On a completely unrelated note, I’ve been loving this lately. What is up with his coat?

One thought on “Broadening Bases

  1. TElllingson

    Smoke used to have interesting coat things when he was younger. Some times he looked like taffeta. Now he doesn\’t do that any more. Wish it did!

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