A Little Video

Really bad video that is.

No one is ever around to run a camera. It has been suggested that I give my phone to my three year old, and I may try that someday, but we haven’t tried it yet. I propped the phone on the fence and went through a coupleĀ  of things. He’s a little rusty (haha). We’ve only been working on biting lately, and he did a bad show of that. Always wants to bite everything but the bit.

As usual I decided I wanted to try something with this clicker training, started working on it then read up on proper technique. So I taught him to paw first. At first that was all I was going to teach. Apparently it’s like teaching a dog to shake, a really bad idea. That’s all they want to do. So I ignore random pawing and keep asking for whatever we’re working on. I still want the paw/spanish walk, someday.

So bare with us. It’s bad but we’re having fun.

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