Progress, Slow But Steady

And usually not noticeable.

We are gaining by leaps and bounds, even if it doesn’t seem like it most of the time. Rusty is learning so many different things. We work a couple of minutes here and there and walk around the yard. The walking gives us lots of time for Spanish walk, with big breaks in between. Hurrying home gives a perfect time to practice whoa. Walking out to practice cutting along the drive way we get to see all sorts of different scary spots and spend time walking collected. At the house I get out the paint brush and bucket to perfect all the different steps involved in painting. Then back in the soft sod I shovel food into his mouth for as long as he is willing to stay down in a bow.

Little things, sometimes it seems that one thing is going to be impossible but I try to remember the little things that were hard in the past and now seem second nature. I watch him walk with his neck arched and nose tucked and remember that it wasn’t very long ago at all that I was pleased to get a slight head bob. Rusty has been with us for just over a year now, and doing clicker training only since last summer. He’s making tremendous progress!

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