A Quick Working

Rusty was out grazing in the yard. He had been out for a couple of hours and it was Coyotes turn. I had a couple of minutes, kind of. One small child was following me about, the other was pouting in her room. I sat the one in the back of my pickup, safely out of the way. He opened the back window, crawled inside and rampaged throughout the cab. Poor pickup, but it’s the price that must be paid for the privilege of playing with a horse.

It was a quick coverage of the very basics, things he has down, that we’ve been doing forever. A couple of bows on each side, backing from his tail, picking up his feet (he needs trimmed soon), Spanish walk, and walking collected back to the corral. He was happy to be playing again, enthusiastic in all that he offered, and not happy to be put away. Nothing was forgotten, nothing was slow to come. We will be getting back into regular work soon. I hope.

I even managed a bit of a ride on Coyote while putting him away. It was a good horse day.

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