Whorl Bias, Horse Whorls

Every horse should be judged according to their own individual nature.

If we look at a horse’s whorl wont it predispose us to judge them based on what we think the whorl tells us about them instead of who they tell us they are?

This is a very important point and not one to be dismissed. All horses are individuals. Even when born with a set of traits the way they are raised and the life they experience will change the way those original traits are expressed.

That said, even with the differences caused to nature by nurture, using the whorls to give us an idea about the horse in front of us can never hurt. Some of the old whorl lore tells us of horses that are bad or at least bad luck. If we go by that then yes, there can be harm. Instead we need to dismiss any idea of bad and simply accept different horses as just that, different. By looking at horses with that view we can use whorls to see beneath damage caused by life and see the horse they could have been instead. We can use the whorls to find a way to reach the best possible potential any horse has to give.

Whorls don’t cause bias against any horse. Instead they provide a deeper view of what is going on inside and how we can help the best possible traits rise to the top.

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