Grey Mare, Horsewhorls

This mare has a single center whorl. That doesn’t make her simple. A single center whorl only shows that we can’t see any extremes of temperament from the whorl. It is still completely possible to see extremes from the head shape. Not that we see any extremes here, we also don’t see anything boring and simple.

From the front we can’t get a true reading of her eyes. This is why it’s so important to remember that pictures are only a moment in time. If the horse is in a normal state that works great. When the horse is stressed or nervous, like here, we could get a completely wrong reading from this moment in time. The ears are wide set and fairly broad themselves for an intelligent, willing horse.

From the side we see a hint of a dish and a hint of a moose nose for a sensitive but bold, confident horse. Nothing extreme but not overly simple. Her muzzle is squared off, steady, her jowl large, athletic. Her eyes stand out the most to me. It could be her black eyeliner that makes them seem so exotic. They look to be strongly almond shaped. She will hold judgement and see what she thinks about things instead of going along with the flow.

Her mane switches sides about two thirds of the way down. I would check for soreness. It could be something very small or it could interfere with future training.


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